Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Living Like Nancy Drew

Well, it's here! My day to post my Nancy Drew project.
The good news is all of my ridiculously small flying geese are done and the top is put together. 
The bad news, when I went to started to quilt it I had a machine / tension issue which I tried to resolve myself. I got the machine back together, with only one extra screw! I hope it's not an important one. The issue came back within a short time, so my project is sadly not complete.

I loved Nancy Drew as a young girl. My friends and I read and re-read every book a billion times. My all time favorite were the originals with the blue and orange covers. Nancy was smart, independent, and fearless, which are all things I strive to be in my life. These are also qualities that we should teach all girls to be, in my opinion!

Nancy maze quilt top.

Nancy's following the clues.

Flying geese lead the path to the center.

All pinned a little quilted.
I picked some of my favorite sayings from Nancy's Guide to Life for the white areas. It will say things like:
Boys like girls who doggedly pursue their goals (or prey, as the case may be) - The Secret of the Wooden Lady
Clumsy, fat men who are looking at middle age through a rear-view mirror should not attempt to keep pace with lithe young women. - The Whispering Statue
A young lady with some judo skills can take care of unwanted advances in short order. - The Whispering Statue
I keep my Guide to Life on my desk at work, next to my Congolese "Speak no Evil" gorillas and my mold spore.
 I hope to get my machine fixed asap, so I hope you all can check back and see the final product!

In the meantime, please visit my fellow Nancy Drew bloggers and see what they've been inspired to make with Get a Clue with Nancy Drew!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Things that make me smile Sunday

Ok, this is going to be a super short, sweet and picture filled post because I'm in the final time crunch to finish my Nancy Drew quilt and I've already lost an hour thanks to the time change last night.
These are all things that made me smile today:
Cute sleeping dogs.
Freaking adorable tea things.

Fun butter dishes
(I know, it's weird.
What can I say,  I like cute butter dishes,
especially if they have wee sheep on the them.)

Gorgeous pink and white tulips.
Finally finding Nessie!

Having my quilt hanger (aka: curtain rod) hung up.

Finishing the cutting down of 150+ flying geese from 2x4 to 1x2.
(A serious miscalculation on my part for the Nancy Drew quilt)

My Ness pink and blue tartan purses and cow.
How can you not smile at a plaid cow?
Chocolate mouse eclairs from Ambrosia in Barrington.
(Thanks June!)
Dogs who shouldn't be on couches but are anyway.

And last, but certainly  not least;
 Ness pink and navy tartan wellies under my chalk board.
( I made the chalk board out of an old cabinet door and vintage chalkboard slate from an 1800's schoolhouse in Rockford which was renovated into lofts.)