Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Now for the finds…

When you go to a large show the first time, you are overwhelmed by the vendors and tend to go a little crazy. After attending several shows, you realize that for the most part, the vendors really have mostly stuff that you can get at most shops. Now that I have the show thing down, I like to look for things that are harder to find, more specialized and unique.

This show offered some great vintage booths. There was vintage kimono fabrics from Hiroshima, feed sacks from the 1920-1930’s, embroidery, chenille and all sorts of vintagy goodies. Other than a couple of necessities, these more unique items are mostly what I acquired at the show.


Antique kimono fabric, Japanese fabrics and patterns

Bark cloth, 1930’s, 50’s and who knows about that grey one. I just liked it.

I also got a wonderful brimmed hat that was made of a red 1940’s-ish table cloth and dotted chenille for DiscoJen’s adorable daughter, Carolina.

When DiscoJen and the kids were visiting one day last summer, Carolina spied my tape measure that I had left on the cocktail table in the family room. She asked me to measure her. DiscoJen suggested that I measure her head circumference, because none of those cute hats for the pool and out doors fit her head anymore. So I measured it and was shocked at the size! Then we got the idea to measure my head (don’t ask why we thought to do that, I’m sure it was some wacky string of thought processes that lead us there). Low and behold, my head was only a couple of centimeters larger than the head of the 2 ½ year old child! I’m not sure what’s worse, her head being that big, or mine that small. I don’t think my head looks that small in relation to the rest of my body. Anyway, whenever I’m at the store and I see a cute hat for little girls, I try it on, if it fits, I get it for Carolina. You should have seen the look I got from a lady at Target one day in the children’s dept. I tried on a child sized sun hat, it fit and I exclaimed “sweet!” Boy, the look she sent me totally said “what a freak”. When I was at the vintage chenille booth at the quilt show and saw the hat, I tried it on and it fit! The price was ridiculously cheap too. I can’t wait to see it on Carolina. She’ll look soooo cute in it! I think I look pretty cute in it too, but not as cute as she will.
Is that a cute hat or what?

That’s about it for the finds. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!


ohhollyf said...

Yes, that hats is cute and what!

DiscoJen said...

The hat is super cute on Carolina--thanks Vicki! Just a point of's not "a couple" of centimeters that differentiates Vicki's head from Carolina's, it's 1 cm. That's right, Carolina's head is only 1 cm smaller than that of a grown woman. Maybe that's why Carolina asks so many questions...lots of extra gray matter.

Amanda said...

OMG! I can so see you doing that in the store!