Monday, November 3, 2008

Who has the best sister ever?

I do. My sister has been traveling overseas for business lately and has brought me some wonderful treasures.

The lovely blue and yellow olive branch and leaf motif fabric is from her weekend visit to France and the chocolates sitting on the fabric are the best chocolates ever created by humans, Leonidas from Belgium. Leonidas has a lovely selection of chocolates, including a wonderful assortment of hazelnut / chocolate combinations. You can actually get Leonidas in the States, but we have decided that, while it's really good from the stores here, it reaches "food of the gods" status when it's fresh from Belgium.

I'm thinking that the fabric will become one of my shopping bags, so that I can admire it's beauty at least weekly.

She also brought me this darling jar of a Nutella-like chocolate spread, because the jar was so darn cute, and Nutella-like food will never go to waste!

She is going to be in Australia over Thanksgiving this year, so I'm hoping that there will be wonderful Australian quilting items in my stocking year for Christmas. Of course, I did send her the link to the Material Obsession website and a list of items that I would enjoy, just to help her along.
The Material Obsession ladies were ever so thoughtful as to provide information on how to reach their store via public transportation! Aren't they thoughtful? I suppose if I can't go with her to Australia, at least I can have some wonderful quilting things from there!

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Jennie said...

Do you think your sister would be willing to adopt me as another sister? ;-)