Friday, April 3, 2009

Eco and Wallet Friendly Magazine

I have long loved the quilting magazines from overseas, yet they are not easy to find at local stores here in the Chicagoland area. They provide more in depth information about quilters, techniques and quilting what not than the US magazines, which are mostly about patterns. (The exception to this would be Quilter's Home, but that's an amusing and whole different sort of magazine unto itself.)I was excited to learn recently that Down Under Quilts from Australia offers it's magazines online, and for free!!! What more could you ask for?
The only catch is that they don't put the templates for the quilting patterns featured online, so if you really need or want a template, you will need to locate a hard copy of the magazine somewhere.
Of course, don't forget that without supporting your favorite magazines financially, they won't be around. So if you want to support online magazines, be sure to check out their advertisers and their other products as well, such as calendars and such.

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