Thursday, December 31, 2009

Photos past

This post is for DiscoJen, who is enjoying summer weather while we have a high of 16 degrees. She's been on my case for years to find and develop the film from Scotland 2001. Well Jen my dear, guess what I found cleaning out my closet this week!!!
Dryburgh Abbey, where Sir Walter Scott is buried. We had a view of the ruins from our bathroom window at the Dryburgh Hotel.

The main town on the island of Mull

A view of McLean Castle from somewhere, but I don't recall where.

Hydrangeas (my favorite flowers) in Sterling, in the courtyard of a house on the road between Sterling Castle and the William Wallace Monument (where at the top, an American teenaged boy recited the entire "FREEDOM" speech from Braveheart). Weird the details we remember, huh?

Sterling Castle

Happy New Year everyone!

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