Sunday, January 24, 2010

More running

I wish I could say that I am training for a marathon with all of this running, but the reality is that the only time I would feel motivated to run is if I were being chased by a scary guy with a knife!
I've been a table runner making fiend, kind of like DiscoJen. It's funny, we'll both look at a gorgeous piece of fabric and I'll think "how can I use this in a king sized quilt?" and DiscoJen thinks "table runner!" It's kind of a running joke in our little quilting friends circle.
I made all three of these from the Deb Strain 'Sent with Love' line for Moda. The patterns are all in the Anka's Treasures 'On the Run' table runner and centerpiece book. The nice thing is that Heather Mulder Peterson has a really nice tutorial on binding inside corners that really helped out when binding the table square.
I used the candy heart template from the McCall's quilting  magazine last spring and made them out of wool and embroidered the sayings on them instead of the flower pattern shown in the book. It made more sense with the fabric to do hearts instead of flowers.

I fussy cut out the hearts from the panel that comes with the fabric line and machine appliqued them down on the table square then quilted hearts in the pink and white squares.

Look at how fabulous they look on my black island. I especially love how my cake dome with German glass white chocolate covered strawberry and petit fours looks in the middle of the square.
I just love red, pink and white together at this time of the year. I think that it has something to do with how bright and cheery the combo is when the days are so ucky and gray.

Speaking of ucky gray days, we woke up to a beautifully frosted world last week. The weathermen called it 'freezing fog' which I thought they had totally made up. I've never heard that term before. I mean, if fog froze, you couldn't walk through it right? Apparently what it does is crystalize onto things, outlining them in fuzzy white frost. I was smitten.

The berries, pine and chickenwire photos were taken at Karen's house. It was so pretty, I made a trip over there to take pictures. Did you know chickenwire could look so gorgeous?


APLit05 said...

These are absolutely lovely. You are soooooooo creative. As I looked at them, I thought "These can't be as hard as a full size quilt...perhaps I should look into this as a hobby."

SarahBeth said...

Soo Cute!!! I just found these pics when I was searching for a Valentines table runner to make, I already have the book and am getting started today!!! Thanks so much for the ideas.