Thursday, February 24, 2011

So sweet my teeth hurt!

What do you do when you realize that the totally floofy-girly garbage can you bought for next to your ironing board is totally useless because it has more holes in it than Swiss cheese and all of your fabric bits and thread fall out of it's sides?
Why, you spend two and a half evenings selecting the perfect fabric, designing and making a totally gorgeous liner for it of course!
When you put them together, you get the sweetest darn-tooten waste bin evah!
I was going to use Nicey Jane, but then I happened across my fairly substantial stash of Ava Rose and decided that was definitely the way to go.
I think it's perfect, don't you?
I used an Ava Rose polka dot on the bottom. I know you won't ever see it, but I'm nutty that way.
I waffled between the white and turquoise of this flower print for the inside, but since I had a lot more of the white, I went with it. I used a darling turquoise polka dot on the bottom of the inside.
One of my friends suggested that it would be cute in a baby or little girl's room for storage.
Another angle.
I know it seems silly to do this for a garbage can, but it's for use by my ironing board, so it will only have fabric, thread and paper in it, no nasty icky stuff.
I am quite proud of myself for figuring out how to make a liner that's round and tapered. It's quite a feat for the math challenged (aka:me).
And now for a gratuitous cute dog photo:
Don't your teeth hurt from all that sweetness?


amy said...

Suuuper cute!! Although I must admit, my first thought was "DRILL A HOLE IN THE BOTTOM, FLIP IT OVER, AND MAKE IT A PENDANT LAMP" but I should have known that fabric and sewing would be involved in your solution. I like to think that I didn't fail your quiz, I earned extra credit for a brilliantly creative alternate answer.

PS - I totally love what you did with it.

Miss Sherry said...

Vicki Girl.......
You should be patting yourself on the back for sure. Its' cute and you did it all yourself. I'm impressed!

Pattie Crum said...

Excellent job, as always.

Anonymous said...

You are ever so talented Vicki! I'm in love with that basket!

Shelley said...

That IS the cutest thing EVAH!! Way to go, math girl :)

Barb said...

Well you did it again, that is awesomely cute Vicki!

Sophola-fi-fi said...

I think I just developed a cavity.