Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fantastic Mail Day

I opened the mailbox yesterday evening and gasped "oh my!" in wonderment at the site that greeted me. Isn't this the sweetest mailing envelope you have ever gazed upon?
And on the back it said:
As if! Could you throw this away? Well, my sister probably could, it's totally not her style, but I know when Ashley gets her order, she won't throw her mailer away either. And to think my Sew Mod group and I had a discussion a few weeks ago about how much we love it when we get fabric in the mail and it's all wrapped up in tissue paper and tied with pretty bakers twine.
This beauty was from Cath Kidston. I had wanted to order from there for a long time, but it's pricey, and it ships from England, so that's pricey as well. I finally caved last week when I got an email touting a sale on everything, except the Royal Wedding merchandise, so I broke down.
After much discussion with my friend, and fellow CK fan, Amy, I decided on these beauties:
The London umbrella, it's what started it all. I've really wanted this umbrella since my Liberty of London broke in the high winds while walking into work last fall.
The red laminate tape measure. It's now in my purse, to go with me on all my travels.
The Britannia Post Card set. Sooo pretty!
A close up of my favs. I can't decide if I want them in my sewing room, or in hanging in the guest room where my Strawberry Fields Coventry quilt is going. Check out those wee little bag pipers on Edinburgh Castle. Too freaking cute! There's nothing better than a wee bagpiper, I tell you. Well, other than a strapping, hotty bagpiper, but I digress....
And last, but certainly not least, the London cotton canvas/duck fabric. I have big plans for this, just you wait and see.
Happy Quilting and Easter!

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