Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to know you are a quilter

My cousin Ashley is a quilter but just doesn't know how to quilt yet. How can I tell? She's started collecting fabric and brings it out just to gaze upon it's wonderment. I've found that the true quilter is the person who is planning their 2nd and 3rd quilts while they are still cutting out their first ever quilt. Ashley has a very good eye for fabric, and we make a great fabric coordination team. We were at Material Girl in downtown Crystal Lake last Saturday night for a little get together and she found this wonderful Alexander Henry print hiding on a bottom shelf:
I found a great Essentials magenta by P&B to go with it:
Then I was looking at it that evening at home and decided it needed another coordinate, and I found an Amy Butler stripe from the Belle line. I could not believe how perfect it was!
This is also a really good lesson about thinking outside the line. The fabric line that is. I love the coordinated fabric lines put out by the designers and manufactureres as much as the next quilter, but looking elsewhere for coordinates can bring really your fabric combo to a whole new level and make your combo pop.
What will this become? I'm so glad you asked! It will become a Heather Bailey Smarty Girl bag, sans the ruffle, but with all the extras, like I made for DiscoJen for her birthday this year!
smarty girl bag
This will also be a birthday present, but I'm not saying for who, in case said person is reading this.


Duff said...

duh! My birthday was LAST month! That's okay, a Smarty Girl bag more than makes up for it.

Ashley said...

I can't wait to see what you do with this fabric!!! Somebody is going to be a very lucky birthday girl.