Tuesday, June 7, 2011

That Old Black Magic

I finally got a chance Saturday to start planting flowers and such. It's been such a bizarro spring here in Chicagoland that we haven't had much time to plant yet. It was literally heat one day, air conditioning the next. Repeat for a month. I really just want the windows open! And since my uppermost temperature limit is 82, there has been much whining and bi%$#ing from me. I'm loving my sewing cave in the ice cold basement this week.
I was at the nursery and saw a preplanted planter I liked, so I was going to replicate it. They were out of most of the plants though, so while looking around, I found this beauty:
I was smitten! I usually go with hot pink geraniums since you can't hardly kill them, and it's a western exposure, which requires a stronger color. Once I saw the magenta/black mini petunias, I went with an all new and exciting color scheme.
I found black regular sized petunias, dark magenta, black small leafed potato vine, the tall lighter purple and to add a little sparkle, the white Crystal Frost. I'm just so pleased with how they turned out! I'm calling it 'Black Magic'. Everything's better with a name. I learned that from Michelle.
I love that Crystal Frost plant. It really looks good all summer.
And this is the one in front of Grandma's buggy seat. I need to oil the wood and do something to help the iron, it's looking pretty weathered and my dad already rebuilt it once many years back.
I'd love to put some of those Pottery Barn mercury globes or string lights in them for nighttime drama, but they're a wee bit pricey.
My friend TJ told me she saw black and white striped petunias. I think a black and white planter would totally rock. Next year, I'm going to try to find them and do a Black Tie planter.
I also tackled a dinky triangle patch of dirt between my driveway and front walkway which I filled with Snapdragons and Dianthus in various pinks. I love the smell of the white Alyssum, so I edged the bed with it.

I dug in at the tip of the triangle and it ERUPTED in ants. It was beyond disgusting!!! I felt like they were crawling all over me the rest of the day. Ick. I ran inside and got the cornmeal. My sister did some research a while back and found out that plain old cornmeal is toxic to ants. They bring it back to the nest, and it kills them all off. We've been using it for over a year now and I have to say, it really works.  It's good to have non-toxic options when you have a Husky and a Golden who both lick everything.
I almost forgot in my remembrance of the icky ants, I also got a little snail friend for the garden! Isn't he cute? And the best part? Someone put a bird on it!!! (Seriously, if you haven't seen the 'put a bird on it' you really, really should. It's freaking hysterical.)
I think I need to name him. Suggestions? Hermy maybe?
I took these pictures this morning at 6:00am. I like how the magenta's glow in the early morning light. The temp today is in the 90's with a heat index over 100, so I really hope they can handle it.
Happy Gardening!

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PaigeAlaine said...

I luv your planters I'm a huge fan of petunias! Great colors combo. The mercury globes are pretty too!