Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's all about flexibility

I was asked if I could make a yoga bag, and without thinking I said "sure!" Then I thought, hmmmm, can I make a yoga bag? Which was followed by research mode! I went online, thought about the hassles of toting around my yoga mat to and fro, and asked my friend Michelle, who teaches yoga classes, what is needed in a well thought out and useful yoga bag. Michelle talked to her yoga peeps and they all said that it needed to have pockets for a yoga brick.
I'm a firm believer in many pockets, so I was all for a yoga brick pocket!
I had been eyeing the Amy Butler Buttercup bag from her book Amy Butler's Style Stitches for quite some time. I love the flap shape and the handles, so I started with that and then changed everything.
Obviously it had to be really, really long to accommodate the mat. I also wanted it to have room for clothing, in case the class is right after work. And I felt a water bottle pocket was an absolute necessity!
I fell in love with the Ty Pennington fabrics for Westminster Fibers and thought they would be great for the person wanting the bag.
I made a mock up first, in order to get the proportions and dimensions correct, so now I have a yoga bag too!
I'm having big issues w/blogger today, and it lost some of my pictures that I don't have backups of, so some of the final bag pics are missing. It also won't let me put text where I want it, so bare w/me on having it all up top here.
After the mock up I decided the flap needed to be smaller and the sides needed magnets so that they don't poof out like on the left side below. The water pocket seemed to keep it tucked in, so I guess I could have put a pocket on both sides, but I didn't and I don't recall why I decided against it.
I also put in a key holder tag on the inside and a tie for the yoga mat since I'm always struggling with my mat.
yoga bag front
Mock up bag front

yoga brick pocket
Yoga brick pocket
yoga bag inside
Inside bag

yoga bag back
Bag back
yoga bag water pocket
Water bottle pocket 
Final bag front

water bottle pocket

Mat tie since they are always unruly

Magnets to keep the sides tucked in under the flap


amy said...

I loooove the fabric on the "mock-up" bag ...the fabric on the final is a little too dizzying for my poor addled brain. And the yoga mat strap - sheer genius! Damn, girl. You are GOOD!

♥Duff said...

I have to agree with Amy--You're GOOD! I love your yoga bag. No, wait, I mean, your bag sucks. You should give it to me and I'll burn it for you. yeah.

Pattie Crum said...

Wow that turned out fab u los. So when do I get the pattern???