Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Wedding

It’s so nice to go to a wedding, especially one where you can tell how happy the bride and groom are to be with each other. This was one of those. They are a really cute couple. My cousin Ashley’s wedding was beautiful, and I’m not just saying that. She, as well as the entire wedding, was gorgeous.

Her colors were pink and brown, which she very cleverly worked into her ensemble. She had a creamy white dress with a chocolate satin sash around the waist, and the best pink veil/headpiece. The veil looked vintage, but was actually new. Apparently she found a lady online, told her a bit about herself, and the lady made the veil. It was stunning!

The bridesmaids wore short pink dresses with brown sashes, except the maid of honor, who wore brown with a pink sash. The girls’ bouquets were just fabulous. And they had my favorites, hydrangeas and peonies.

The men wore dark brown suits with pink vests and ties. I felt badly for them in those suits! It was hot, hot, hot and extremely humid that day. I don’t know how she did it, but Ashley looked great the whole evening. The vows were in front of a pond with three statues on pillars and Chihuly bubbles floating in it. As I mentioned, the weather was HOT, about 91 degrees, which is 9 degrees over my 82 limit. As I arrived at the Botanic Gardens large, dark, stormy clouds began rolling in, making my carefully straightened hair curl back up. The weather is always the scary part of an outdoor wedding or event. I must say though, she lucked out. There was a huge crack of thunder during the vows, but the rain didn’t start until they were announced to the guests as husband and wife. Huge drops started as they made their way back down the aisle, and everyone started running for cover. Whew that was close!

Carolina, DiscoJen’s daughter, was the flower girl. She looked so cute, but unfortunately didn’t feel well the day of the wedding. She’s normally an outgoing, talkative, smiley child, but she just felt so awful that day that there’s hardly any pictures of her smiling. She was so looking forward to being the flower girl too. It’s all she talked about up until the wedding. In the car on the way down she called excitedly to me “VICKI! I HAVE SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT TO SAY!” I asked her what was so important and she said “I’M GOING TO BE A FLOWER GIRL IN ASHLEY’S WEDDING!”

Thank goodness for the groom’s nephew, without him walking her down the very long path to where the vows took place, I don’t think she would have made it! For those planning a wedding, having the flower girl and ring bearer hold hands and walk together is a very effective way to get them down the aisle.

The reception was in the Spink Pavilion at the Gardens which was a narrow room, lined with windows. Check out the tables! Aren’t they amazing? And the flowers! Have you ever seen flowers like this?

The food was fantastic too. They had a blueberry theme going on with the catering. There was a blueberry mojito drink featured during the cocktail hour that was great. It was very refreshing in the hot weather. There were blueberries in the cake too. I forgot to ask Ashley if there was some symbolism for the blueberries, or if she and Chris were just concerned that their loved ones don’t get enough anti-oxidants.

My dad thought that they must have fortified the tables for those vases, since they were like 4 feet tall and filled with water.

I waited to post about the wedding, because I wanted to show you all what I made for their gift:

It’s from Tula Pink’s line, Moonlight Forest. As soon as I saw this line I thought of Ashley. First, it’s pink and brown. Second, it has bunnies, squirrels and various nature-like items hidden in the fabric. It’s so cool how she weaves them in! Ashley loves bunnies and used to name the squirrels when she lived in Colorado as a child. The owls in the line totally reminded me of the Beatles, and she loves the Beatles as well. I named it “All You Need is Love” I hope she likes it. I made it big enough for her and Chris to cuddle under together in cold weather.
The designing of the quilt was very different for me. I usually draw it out, have a pattern or put it together on my Electric Quilt program. For this quilt, I just grabbed a bunch of my charm packs of the Moonlight Garden and the Sweet Hearts collection by Deb Strain and Arin Turnmire and wacked them apart willy nilly. Then I sewed them all back together again into long strips. I highlighted the owls by fussy cutting them out, and making them their own row. I needed something not so busy to break up all the pattern, so Jenny helped me pick out the dark brown w/purple dots. I think it really brought the top together, don’t you?
I like to piece my backings with my leftovers, so I took the extra strips and pieced them in with the brown bunny brocade fabric.
I quilted it with hearts and swirls all over in a variegated hot pink, turquoise, and white thread by Aurifil, my thread of choice. I outlined the owls and some of their design elements. And in the border of the corner square units I quilted some free hand leaves.


Jennie said...

WOW! That quilt is awesome- the brown with purple was a good choice (takes a bow)!! The bride's dress was gorgeous, and I loved the veil!

ohhollyf said...

Whoa, that is beautiful combo.
I bet she loves it.
her gown is perfect for an outdoor hot wedding.
Glad you enjoyed it, Holly

Ashley Everett said...

ok So when Chris and I opened up your present I thought omg how totally sweet she made us a quilt and then I said it and Chris was like no this box is from a quilting place so obviously she ordered it. I didn't argue though I thought Vicki would never do that haha and I was right!!! Oh the satisfaction of being right haha

The quilt is so beautiful and I love that you remember how I used to name squirrels and my bunnies I had in Colorado. I love that it is outdoorsy and girlie just like me!

This blog about my wedding was so sweet I want to print it out and put it in a memory box!!!! Thank you so much for posting something so sweet for Chris and I!