Thursday, October 23, 2008

Abbie-kins and Coco-nuts

Amy has pointed out that she would like to see a picture of the new dog. There is one little catch to this, as there are two new dogs! Yes, that's right, two. We are fostering them for the moment, but they are settling in quite nicely. We decided to foster because then we don't break any rules on how many dogs you can have and also because there are so many dogs and animals in shelters and rescue organizations due to the economy, the summer flooding in the Midwest, the various hurricanes and because some people are just plain stupid.
This is Coco:

It was rather difficult to get a photo of her because she rarely stops moving, and when she does, she gets up to satisfy her Husky curiosity every time I pick up the camera. She's 5 1/2 years old, so I can only imagine what she was like when she was younger! She actually listens fairly well, at least to me, but needs some formal training. She can be quite vocal as well. When you aren't paying attention to her, she woofs at you. She also tries to sleep on the bed every night, but every night gets kicked off! When she wants you to rub her belly, she lays down by putting her head down first, butt in the air, then kind of flips over. She wants to play constantly with the other dogs, especially Daisy, but Daisy is only just now starting to warm up to her (that's Daisy eyeing Coco suspiciously in the photo).

She was named Josie at the rescue, but answered to Coco, so we went with that. She's also referred to as "Cocobean, Coco-nuts (for obvious reasons), and Beanie Wienie." The poor thing has been in rescue twice now, so she's had 2 homes and in rescue twice. She really is sweet and just wants love. She's gentle with taking things from your hand and is totally not into food, which is good because Daisy and Bug are total chow hounds.

This is Abbie:

We know a little about Abbie, and she's obviously had a hard life, but despite that, she remains the most gentle and sweet little girl. We know that in 2004 she had to have her collar surgically removed from her neck. We know that she was adopted out of rescue in Missouri, but those people moved to Texas and brought their other dogs with but left Abbie in Missouri, supposedly with some other people. She was picked up by animal control completely flea bitten, with giant bald patches on her body from the flea infestation and scheduled to be put down.
The authorities scanned her, found her chip was registered to the rescue organization and contacted them. The rescue tracked down the original adopting family, and told them that they were legally obligated to get her out of the pound and fly her to the rescue organization here. I wanted to wait to show her to you until she had been groomed. Isn't she pretty! You should see the pictures of her when the rescue first got her back. I just don't know what's wrong with people. If you get a dog, or any animal, it's a life long commitment, not one that's just for when it's convenient for you. You wouldn't just give your child away when they weren't cooperating, as much as you might like to, and it's the same concept.

She has really taken to me in particular. She gets all bouncy and happy when I come home, but just calmly greets everyone else. She is about 8 years old and had a botched leg surgery, so she walks slowly and kind of drags her one back leg a bit. She doesn't like to sit, and I think it's because of the leg. She'd rather lay down. Of course, but would rather lay down too, but that's because she's the laziest Husky ever created. Abbie just kind of wanders around the house and yard, keeping to herself. If I'm around and it's not one of her daily dozen nap times, she'll find me and gently poke me a couple of times with her nose to let me know she's there and needs a pat.


Jennie said...

They are both beautiful! I'll have to come over and meet them soon. I just don't know how could anyone just abandon them! I swear, I wish people that abandon kids and pets could be flown to the wilderness and left without any food or water or shelter. They might learn a lesson- before they died, because they'd been abandoned.

Ashley Everett said...

I am so glad that somebody has taken these two dogs into their life and shown them what a loving family really is!!!! I found a kitten recently on the side of the road and now he has taken up permanent refuge with me. I name him Ringo and he is just the saddest thing ever. He was completely covered with fleas (here's a little tip- the best way to get rid of fleas is dawn or joy lemon dish detergent kills them on contact) and every time i put him down he just sits there and cries:(

Chris and I cannot wait to meet these two at Thanksgiving!!!!

Sophola-fi-fi said...

I'll have to make a visit soon! I can't wait to meet the new pups.

Anonymous said...

These dogs are both beautiful. They have the deepest blue eyes ever.

amy said...

Aw, they are so cute! I can't wait to meet them. You'll have to have us over soon! Daisy's still my favorite, though, and you can tell her I said that.