Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two dogs and a Wedding

I figure I have some positive karma going this past week. I saved two dogs and we helped save a wedding at the retreat last weekend.

Thursday night after our guild meeting, I was standing in the parking lot chatting with Jan when I noticed an unattended Beagle. He went down a driveway with purpose, so I thought he belonged there. Then he popped out around another house and crossed the street. Then he crossed the other streets a few times. I crossed the street to see if I could get him to come to me. It worked. He came over, tail wagging and let me grab his collar. His name and phone were on his tags so I called and left a message. I tried again, and realized that I had transposed 2 of the numbers the first time I called! So there's someone out there w/a message on their machine about their dog Skooter that they don't have! The second time I got someone and they didn't even know Skooter was out. It ends up they were just a couple of houses down. The wife and son (probably in his early 20's) came out to get Skooter. They said the electric fence must have been off. This is why I like my 6ft tall wood fence. I know if my fence is down. The son expressed surprise that Skooter would come to me because he's shy. Jan just shot me a look. She knows how I am about critters. The mom gave me a big hug and called me an angel.

On Saturday night Debbie's husband drove out to our retreat to have dinner with us. We were on our way to Belvidere to check out the quilt store there and eat at the really good Mexican restaurant on route 20. In downtown Belvidere a little, tiny, furry black and white dog ran out in front of 4 lanes of traffic. There were several Hispanic children, under the age of about 9, trying to get the dog, but not wanting to go into traffic, rightly so. Three out of the 4 lanes had stopped, but a giant silver suv came barreling down the lane next to us and literally came with in an inch of killing this poor little dog. That was it for me. I told Dean and Debbie that I was going out there. The kids were hopping up and down yelling "Chiquita! Chiquita!" So I walked toward the dog and in my sweetest voice called her name. She cam running straight into my arms and kissed me all over. She was the cutest little thing! The children were over joyed. I gave her to the oldest girl and told her to be careful with her because she was almost smooshed. I'm pretty sure they will, they saw her almost get hit by the suv.

As I was leaving the car I had heard Debbie say something to her husband. It ends up she told him that he might as well pull over because Vicki was going out there and she's going to open up a can of whoop-a%$ on someone about that dog. She was right. I didn't do any whoop-a$#ing though. Dogs get out. It happens to the best of us. That's why we have the air lock system in place in our house.

Later that evening at our retreat, a lady came in from the wedding in one of the other rooms. The bride's bustle had come undone and she was trying to find something to fix it. She had gone to the scrapbooker's room first and they sent her over to the quilters. Debbie gave her a bunch of safety pins to pin it back together. I was glad for that. I thought she was going to ask us to come and sew it!


Jennie said...

I think we will call you the God Whisperer from now on! As for the wedding, good thing she wanted safety pins- you should have seen the look on your face when you thought she wanted up to sew the bustle back on!!

Jennie said...

Um, OK- so I meant the "DOG" Whisperer... gah! You'd think I learned how to read and write yesterday!!

Keli said...

Vick, you are truly a modern miracle worker!