Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Magic shoes

Boy! Have you ever noticed how a fabulous pair of shoes can really put a spring in a girl's step?

I was never a shoe person. Never gave them much thought unless they were uncomfortable. Then my sister moved to Torino, Italy. As one would expect, they were really into shoes there and my sister brought home several stunning pairs. But I resisted the lure of the shoes.

After dinner one night in Torino, we were going up the stairs to my sister's apartment when I noticed her friend was walking sideways up the very narrow, ancient marble steps. I asked her why she was walking that way and she pointed to her shoes and said "because my shoes do not fit on the stairs." Now that's dedication to fashion. I ended up with my sister's Italian shoes through a twist of fate, when her feet stopped cooperating with fabulous Italian shoes and made her wear more comfortable foot attire. Now I am the proud owner of those pointy toed beauties and it's made me look at shoes in a whole different light.

I still don't have a lot of shoes, regardless of what my husband thinks. Today at lunch I went to the mall looking for a Fisherman Cable sweater at Eddie Bauer and came out with a gorgeous pair of Franco Sarto Tea Shootie dress shoes in Smoke (a really excellent dark gray that kind of changes depending on what color it's near.) And a fun name, don't you think? Try saying "Tea Shootie dress shoe" and not smile. And since I actually needed black shoes and they were on super sale, how could I not get them?
Walking through Nordstrom with a fabulous pair of Franco's on and Stevie Wonder's "Very Superstitious" playing on the loudspeaker really makes a girl feel she's the bomb! I don't really think I was walking any different, but it sure felt like I was walking way cooler than normal.

Back at the office I decided to wear them in a bit and walked down to the cafe with my boss. She commented that I was a lot taller in them. I think they made me stand up straighter and put my shoulders back. The shoes make me feel as though I can take on the world. I know it seems like a lot of responsibility for a pair of shoes, but I'm telling you, these shoes are up to it!


amy said...

those shoes are awesome! i completely covet them.

Lia said...

Those are pretty nice shoes.!! Want to see them in my closet.