Friday, November 6, 2009

Mark Lipinski mystery class

These are long delayed, but better late than never!
In July Jennie, Jan and I took the Mark Lipinski Mystery class through Prairie Shop Quilts in Batavia. What a blast! Mark was a good teacher and actually spent time with each and every student, asking them about themselves, their lives, etc. This impressed all of us greatly. Most teachers, nationally renown or not do not do take the time to get to know each of their students, especially when there were like 40 or 50 of us.

The purpose of the class was to open your creative thinking. He said at the beginning that the pattern was ugly and that each person would be changing theirs according to their fabrics.  The photo above is the original design.

This is Mark working on Jennie's quilt, because, of course, our favorite over-achiever (said in the fondest manner possible) was done first. She already knew how to curve piece though, (I believe she's taught classes in it as well) so she did have an advantage going in.

The Tula Pink 'Flutterbys' quilt below is Jan's. Totally loved it. And love the maniacal look on Mark's face.

This is mine. Jennie, Jan and I did this all by our little selves! I completely love it. I think it might be the first thing I work on after the Christmas rush is over. I really want to see it finished and hanging on the wall.

Mark taught us how to curve piece without pinning. I have decided that technique is not for me. I'm a pinner. I have to pin! Jennie had the brilliant idea to make them bigger and cut them down. I think I'm going to employ this method as well. Curved piecing is a pain in the patooty, but I just love the results.
As a side note, in case you haven't heard the bummer news, Mark is no longer publishing Quilt Home magazine. So sad. It made me laugh and had interesting things that you don't find in typical quilting magazines.
Well, I'm off to my quilt retreat w/friends. I hope to complete many things! Wish me luck.

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