Monday, July 26, 2010

A Stash Sale and Dingle gets a new 'do!

I took Dingle (Daisy) and Magic to the groomer last Friday and got an accidental new 'do for Dingle. I received a call from them mid-morning explaining that she was confused for a different Golden Retriever, and that they accidentally gave her 'a puppy cut'. I just laughed. They were glad I was laughing. It's only hair, it'll grow back, and compared the Dr. Suess-esk haircut my father gave our Old English Sheepdog years ago, it doesn't even rank on the bad-hair-cut-o-meter. My father shaved down her body, and left her head and feet for last since she hated those parts being messed with, and then the clippers died. She looked silly for over 2 weeks while we waited for the new clippers. Dingle before:
Dingle after:
At least they didn't shave Magic!

He smelled so good after his bath that all the dogs kept creeping up on him to get a whif.
As those of you who know Jennie and I personally, you will have heard by now that we, along with our friends Paige and Pattie, are having a giant quilting stash sale Friday August 6th - Sunday, August 8th. The hours are 9-4 daily, and it will be held at 1400 New Haven Drive, Cary Il.

I have been ruthless about culling my stash herd, and am not done yet. Here's a sampling of what I've decided to find good new homes for:

And I'm not done yet! I'm getting to be like DiscoJen, 'just get rid of it' is her mantra! And I have Binding Guru Karen to thank for the organization. She color and genre grouped it all and had the fabulous ideas to use those boxes for easier perusal and shopper ease. I must say some of it was very, very hard to part with, but I was strong, so I hope you all come out and give the fabric a new home. The prices will be great!


Chris said...

Looks like you are going to have some good fabric to choose from! I'm planning on coming on Friday. Can't wait!

CaraQuilts said...

Cute pups no matter what!

I wish I could check out your stash sale! Oh those look amazing! Too bad too far away,

Sally said...

Your dogs look great! Our husky desperately needs a bath, but we are in the midst of finding a new groomer.

It's probably a good thing that I am busy the weekend of you stash sale....