Monday, December 13, 2010

Catching up

I've been as busy as Santa's elves this time of year! So busy that I forgot to post about the most fabulous pie ever created. I'm in charge of pie making for Thanksgiving, and I typically make pumpkin and apple pies and ice cream to go along with them.  This year things got changed up a bit.
I had been looking for a good caramel apple pie recipe for quite some time, and now I've finally found it! (Que the 'At Last' song in the background) The caramel apple recipe from Williams Sonoma was fantastic. Look at all that oooey, gooey caramel, you could totally eat it with a spoon! And how do I love those WS pie crust cutters? Let me count the ways. I used to use mini cookie cutters for the leaves and pumpkins and a skewer to make the veins and such. Now, you do it all at once! It's pure genius, I tell you.
I always use the Martha Stewart pumpkin pie recipe (with homemade pumpkin puree, naturally) and make an individual one for my Great Aunt Dolores.

My sister requested a pecan pie this year, which I don't usually even consider making, because I'm not a fan, but she begged me to make the Pioneer Woman 'Pie that will make you cry' pecan pie. And let me tell you, when she said that this pie "changed her life for the better", she totally wasn't kidding! It's to die for! The hubby had a piece before breakfast, he claimed that he had been dreaming about this pie. Of course, as the knife was heading toward the pie and I was shrieking that I don't serve pie that's already been cut into, he claimed that Voldemort was making him do it, so I'm not so sure he was telling the whole truth about the pie dream thing. Regardless, this pie was To. Die. For! It was almost a toffee pecan pie. And it tastes fantastic for breakfast!
I didn't make ice cream this year for 2 reasons: 1)time, 2) Julie Ann's frozen custard reopened in Crystal Lake!!! Yeah, I'm beyond happy!!! If you live in the area, please frequent them, so we can have frozen custard for ever and ever!
Well, that's about all for today. I'll have Christmas quilts and gingerbread houses for you all soon!

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