Friday, December 17, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We've had snow and really cold weather already, so I'm all ready for Christmas! Another sign it's Christmas?
Frostie's Retro Blue Cream Soda!!!
Aren't the pretty?
Cream Soda, and Blue! Life is so good. I was smart this year, I bought extra cases and sent them home with Binding Guru Karen for safe keeping so that we wouldn't drink them before Christmas. Ashley and Ju, there will be some blue soda for you on Christmas this year!
We had our Sew Mod Christmas party last Friday. I love these ladies. They are the best and totally inspiring. Lorrie assembled gingerbread houses for us then had all the accouterments that you could possible want to decorate them. This will come as no surprise to those who know me, but I was covered in frosting by the end of the night. The dogs kept licking my pants when I got home.
This is Kelly's house. She made a dog run on the side.
Let's take a closer look at that dog, shall we?

We were calling him the alien dog. Considering what she had to work with, I think she did a pretty good job. He cracks me up w/those ginormous red eyes. You can see action shots at Lorrie and Paige's Sew Mod blog and at our Sew Mod Flickr group. We had a gift exchange. I got Pattie in the drawing and she loves the Rouenneries line as much as I do, so I had a good idea where to start. I found this table runner/wall hanging on a store's blog, but I can't remember which. I'll update when I find it again. I loved it, and I hope Pattie did too.
Close up:
The middle is the linen/cotton blend and the applique is wool. I used by Sizzix die cutting machine for the leaves and berries and free cut the vines. I quilted around all the motifs in the toile.
I liked it so much, I'm making myself one. That's not wrong, is it?
Shelley (Elsie's Girl) made me a totally fabulous pillow that I have on my couch. I'll take a picture asap, because you don't want to miss this one.
Another sign that Christmas is upon us, the always fabulous Christmas tree that Tammy and cohorts put up at the store:
I love this tree at night too:
It's a little fuzzy since I took it with my camera phone, but isn't it awsome?
I love the Lakehouse flower ornaments that she made. And the ric rac garland is beyond too cute.  Tammy bedazzled and decked out the snowflake at the too. It was just a plain snowflake before she got her hands on it. It makes me want to run out and get a white tree.
Well, that's all for now. I have a couple of more Christmas projects to finish up, then I can take the time to take photographs and blog some more. And have a Hot Toddy. I love that word. Say it with me, "Hot Toddy." There, isn't it fun?



Shelley said...

Love your new blog look!!

Ashley said...

Saying the word hot toddy is so fun!!! I cannot wait to have some blue pop on Christmas:) I love the table runner/wall hanging you made - so beautiful!!!

I get so excited for any holiday I get to spend with you and Julie, so I am beyond pumped for Christmas!!! See you then!

Anonymous said...

Vicki, those are great pics of the table runner...its sooo pretty!
And that tree lit up, WOW!

Thats hilarious that your dogs kept licking your pants...he he:)

Pattie Crum said...

I do love my table runner, it's on my coffee table right now, thank you very much.