Monday, January 31, 2011

New medium

I have been quilting with silk dupioni this week, and have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to work with. You need to use a fusible interfacing on it to prevent massive unraveling. I used an ultra thin Pellon fusible and ironed it to the entire fat quarter. I started out using a pressing cloth on the silk, but it ends up with this kind of silk, you don't really need it, the silk can be ironed directly. I did used a pressing cloth on the interfacing though, because I've melted through interfacing in the past.

I used a basic pattern so the material is able to shine through. It's basically two  matching 4-patches, and then to sets of bricks for the sides. It's fun how the outer portion of the two 4-patches disappear once you add the rails to the sides. Since I wanted my blocks to be 6" finished, I used 2" unfinished strips to make the patches.

I'm using two colors of metallic thread to quilt it, turquoise and green. I was going to quilt it in swirls, but I finished about three swirls Friday night and decided I didn't like it, so I ripped them out. Rockin' Friday night, huh?
I eventually decided on alternating wavy lines. I'm rather pleased with them. They take longer, but what's a quilt without quilting, right?
I love most of the blocks, but this one is my favorite. It reminds me of a peacock. Is it wrong to love one quilt block more than the others?


Shelley said...

Beautiful fabric and beautiful quilting! Where did you buy this awesome stuff?

amy said...

Vic, that's gorgeous! I love the colors and that gray & turquoise section is stunning. Love it!

PS - Bill is soooooo hunnnnnngry... ;-)