Friday, January 4, 2013

The Reveal part 1

I know it's been ages and ages since I've updated my blog, and to those who have told me they keep hopefully checking it for new and exciting things (Bobbie and Sherry!), I just want to say thanks for hanging in there during my hiatus!
I think when you see what I've been up to, you'll agree that I didn't have much time for sleep, much less blogging.
Here are some before and afters of the new house:

Hallway to Reading Room before
Hallway to Reading Room after.
Reading Room before.
Isn't the avocado green lovely?
Reading Room after.
Paint color is Farrow & Ball 'Oval Room Blue'
Everyone loves this color.
The chaise will get a proper slip cover with a pleated skirt when I get a chance to make one.

Reading Room into Kitchen.
The avocado/eye-popping red combo is awesome!

Fireplace before.
The fireplace was painted those colors, they are not the original brick.
Below is the in progress, w/the mantle and brass fireplace doors not yet rehabbed.

Fireplace Room after.
Walls are Farrow & Ball 'French Gray'

I don't have a before of this little nook since it was just the
Avocado hallway between the Harvest Gold and Dark Terra Cotta bedrooms.
The Hallway is Farrow & Ball 'Shaded White'

I love my falling apart vintage needlepoint chair and cowboy boots vignette.
I was originally going to fix the bottom of the chair and paint the wood white, but the more I looked at it as is, the more I liked the look of it in it's current state.
I was going to add more photos, but Blogger is being testy today and not letting me upload more photos or arrange the ones already in here, so I'll have to do a separate post.

Check back within the next week for more on the renovations/redecorating as well as some really exciting and fun news!

Happy Quilting,


MIss Sherry said...

Keep it coming Vicki..... have been waiting with baited breath. You have not disappointed! Lovely, just lovely.

♥Duff said...

Nothing quite like your PMS--Perpetual Martha Syndrome!

amy said...

Love, love love. LOVE!

Julie said...

I love the color and windows in that front room. Jacob and I are fond of the chaise too.

Lisa said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. I notice that you have used similar FB colors to mine. I'm using old white, shaded, shadow, drop cloth. have you ever used Off White by chance? From the photos it looks like it has so much yellow in it and I've tried Lime white and it's real lemony! Any tips? Thanks.