Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This is going to be a short one, because I'm dying to get to the Scotland stuff, but I'm so far behind on England, that I have to get those pics posted asap.
Last Tuesday we went to Windsor and Eton.
We watched the changing of the guards at Windsor, which is fun because Matt was in the army so he can tell us what's happening. I just love all of the pomp and circumstance in England.
Windsor Castle is really impressive. It looms over the landscape for miles and miles. The town is ancient and I just loved all of the tudor architecture. The old houses are all wavy. The walls are wavy, the roofs are wavy, the floors are wavy. Really charming.
Eton is where the Princes William and Harry went to school. I remember the pictures of Diana delivering them on the first day of school. So heart tugging. The boys at Eton where tuxedos with tails and hats to class everyday. They were out and about on the town between classes and rugby or cricket class while we were there. It was like spotting wildlife "ooo, look, there's one!" "see, there's one going into the sport uniform store."
The photos are:
Windsor Castle
The new guards going into the castle
The old guards (and band) coming out of the castle past Queen Victoria
The shopping street in Windsor
A Union Jack phone booth with Princess Kate painted in it
Tudor house in Eton
The stocks outside the pub
A cute courtyard
An Eton boy
One of the Eton school buildings
Really cool moss on the bridge over the River Thames
Houses on the River
The desk display at Cath Kidston. Too freaking cute!!!

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