Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quilting inspiration

I can't seem to find some of the pictures I wanted to share, so until I do, I have some gorgeous quilting inspiration to share from the Mancuso Quilt Show that was in Schaumburg, IL last fall.

I don't know why this show isn't well attended, I really enjoy it. The parking is free, it's easy to get to and there's actually good food just out in the lobby. They usually have interesting classes taught by international teachers as well. There were several classes I wanted to take last November, but due to time constraints I wasn't able to.

The other major reason that I enjoy this show is that they have an entire exhibit for quilts from outside the US. There are quilts from all over the world scattered throughout the show, but there's also a large section that's displayed by country as well. It's so very inspirational to see what quilters from other countries are making with their fabric.
The lighting in the hall was a bit dim, but flashes tend to washout the colors of the quilts, so I tried to take most of the photos without the benefit of flash. Some of the photos are fuzzy due to this, so please excuse the fuzziness.

I think this first one is my favorite of the show. It used all different types of materials and the detail was amazing. The underside of the mushrooms were sliced and 3d, and really looked like the ridges on the underside of a mushroom.
"A Different View" by Kay Haerland of Australia

This one has a Scottish Thistle on it, so of course I love it. It was part of the "Currency Exchange" challenge and is based on a 1944 Indian Rupee coin. The quilting on it is wonderful.

"Rupee" by Rosemary Rush of Auckland, New Zealand

That's all for tonight. I know it's only two quilts, but it's late now and there's much to do this evening. It's also supposed to storm soon, and I don't want to risk losing everything I worked on if the internet goes out. I'll try to get more of my favorites from the show up tomorrow after the Adopt-a-Husky Hike. It will be nice and cool for it, so I'm sure the Huskies will enjoy it!

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