Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm almost positive it's really spring now. We've had summer and winter all in one week. It reminds me of the Sting song "My baby is all 4 seasons in just one day." That's spring in Chicago, it's all 4 seasons in just one week.
My spring flowers are finally blooming! They seem to be a couple of weeks behind everyone else, I'm not quite sure why they are such late starters this year. I don't really care though, I'm just happy they are blooming and growing.
My Bleeding Hearts are gorgeous, and I think it must have mutated or I forgot that I planted something because I used to only have a pink one, then last year a white one popped up right next to it!
This is the first really good year for my Korean Spice Bush, which is a type of Viburnum. I love this flower! It's too bad the Internet doesn't have smell-o-vision, because this shrubbery smells amazing. And one of the trees we planted last spring is just gorgeous! I think it's a Cherry of some sort, but don't quote me on that. We bought 5 trees at the same time and I can't remember which is what other than the Aspen and Birch. No wait, maybe it's a Redbud? And the one out front is the Sand Cherry? Regardless, it's gorgeous and the flowers totally glow when they are shaded.
The drive to and from my non-quilting job is just lovely with all the trees in bloom. I take the scenic route that makes my commute a tad bit longer, but it's so beautiful that I don't mind. I think I'll be seeing some Bambi's soon, because I usually see the deer in the clearings of the forest, but they haven't been out for the last few weeks, so I'm guessing there will be babies making their appearances soon.
On another note, my childhood friend Jennifer, a different Jen than DiscoJen, just moved to the other side of my neighborhood which is exciting for me. We now live about the same proximity as we did when we were kids. I thought it was pretty funny when she told me where she was moving. When I moved to my current location, I couldn't believe how far in the boonies it was and all my friends lived so far away. Now most of my friends have moved out this way too. And thanks to quilting, I've made many new friends out here as well. I hope this means that Jen and I will be able to quilt together more now!

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Caio Fernandes said...

perfect dog and flowers! i am jelous of you, here the winter have just started .and thres absolut no snow (and never will).
i wish you a great season.