Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring market inspiration

I know I said I'd have more photos from the Schaumburg quilt show, but the quilt industry manufacturers, designers and store owners are currently at the Spring Market in Pittsburgh. I was trolling through some of the websites last night and became completely giddy with excitement due to some of the new lines coming out.
Sherri Berry's "Trick or Treat Street" is officially out now! And is it fabulous!
I've mentioned it before, and probably will again, but holy cow are those bats fantastic! And the trick or treaters are absolutely adorable. I totally have to get me some of this fabric.
She also has a Chinese Takeout and a Tiki line also debuting at market. I'm soooo excited! I saw them both on her blog what seems like ages ago, and now I totally can't wait to see them in person!! We were actually supposed to be doing part of our basement in a Tiki theme, ala the Enchanted Tiki Room (this is a video of the original show, pre-Iago, the awful screeching bird from Aladdin) in Disney World and the fabrics totally remind me of it! Maybe this will inspire the hubby to finally finish off the basement. He loves the Tiki Room. I think we sat through that show at least 4 times in 3 days.
There is also a Christmas line called "Have a Sheri Berry Holiday" that is just coming out as well. I think it will coordinate with some of the vintage Christmas table cloths that I've been collecting for years. I love those deer.
Her designs really have a retro Disney feel to them. They remind me of the 50's, but Disney World didn't open until 1971, so I guess it really just reminds me chilhood. Of course Disney Land did appear in the 50's so maybe the decorations carried over to World. The Trick or Treat line reminds me of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
The Organic Frutations illustrations on Sheri's blog would make great grocery bag fabric. Let's hope that Nortcott decides to make that into fabric as well.
Another much anticipated (by me) fabric line is Kaari Meng's "Rouenneries" for Moda. Kaari Meng is the owner of French General and the author of a few lifestyle and project books. I love the antique French fabrics featured in her books and store, especially the reds, so I'm just thrilled with the new line. I'm already envisioning a project with the fabric to add to my never ending project list. According to the French General website, Rouenneries were the cotton prints printed in Rouen, France during the mid-18th century.
The wovens that are with the line are gorgeous as well. I love a good ticking fabric and there are tickings galore in this line. Not to mention some other specialty fabrics suce as linen and toweling that I just can't wait to experiment with.

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