Monday, June 1, 2009

The Blues

Hallelujah! I finally received my "Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake" painting! I ordered it last August and one miscommunication after another between the artist people resulted in me not getting my painting until June 1st, yes that's 10 months after the fact. I guess they have more business than anticipated/know how to deal with, which is a good problem to have. The background and sides are totally cute, the print is cake and cupcake recipes.

As a thank you for my extreme patience, they also sent me these two darling paintings as well:

I totally love them and must say that they are all worth the wait!

Of course the fact that they also come in my favorite robin's egg blue color doesn't hurt. I was torn between the blue sign and the pink sign, but I'm glad I chose the blue.

And to keep with the blue theme:

The hubby brought it home last week, and while I never choose to drink pop if there's water or tea (good tea that is) around, I must say that I have a weakness for unnaturally blue colored food. I love blue jello, blue slushies, blue cosmos, you name it, if it's blue, I love it. And I must say, I love the new blue Mountain Dew, which is fun to say too! It tastes just like a blue raspberry snow cone from my childhood. I can't have it too late in the day or drink too much of it though because it contains tons of caffeine and ginkgo, or is it ginseng? Whichever it is that gives you energy. The funny thing is that the hubby doesn't like it at all. He thinks it is.....wait for it.........unnatural!


Jennie said...

YAY!!! A new unnaturally blue food!! The cupcake prints are SO cute!! Well worth the wait.. if not the runaround! ~ Jennie

PaigeAlaine said...

Really cool paintings -love the blue and all the colors in the cupcakes!

QuiltMom said...

Does consumption of all that un-naturally blue food lead to an un-naturally blue tongue? What about Smurfs? They're un-naturally blue. Are they a favorite too? Not to eat of course.