Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Rose That Lived

This is the only rose that has survived in my rose beds, we refer to it as "The Rose That Lived." The first year in our house we planted 30, yes 30 roses. They were glorious! The following spring, only 5 remained. We planted 20 more, they were spectacular. The following spring, 3 remained. That was it for me. No more planting new roses.

Then we were invaded by the wretched Japanese beetles. You can have a rose bush covered in blooms in the morning, and by evening, they are gone, eaten from the inside out. And nothing kills the disgusting things! It's been a war between them and me ever since.
At least I still have my Jackson and Perkins Tropical Sunset Rose. It's so beautiful, and ever changing. It looks totally different as a bud, newly opened bloom and old bloom.
And I picked my first harvest of the garden season! Radishes!

I saw two totally formed tomatoes on the tomato plants this afternoon as well! I would have taken photos of them, but it was 97 degrees out, and that's 15 degrees above my acceptable limit, so I watered the geraniums and got the heck back inside.

I took these garden photos over the weekend. It's my lettuce and petit pan squashes. I love the petit pans, also fondly referred to as "flying saucer squashes", they are phenomenal either grilled or stir fried w/garlic. I went out today, and they were gone! I'll bet it's that rascally rabbit that's always in my yard! What a bummer!

I'm going to go sequester myself in my nice cool sewing room in the basement now. I have to crank out that baby quilt by Saturday!


PiĆ³n said...

is amazing

Anonymous said...

We have used Sevin to get rid of the beetles. The bags are not good, that just attracts the buggers to the yard. Also if you use a good grub killer on your lawn that will stop the larvae from growing into the buggers.

So far so good, no beetles this year. But i am on watch, checking the raspberries and the tops of the trees.

Your roses are beautiful!

Linda K