Friday, June 19, 2009

My Civic duty

I had jury duty this week. I know people always complain about it, but I seriously don't mind it. I prepared my Halloween Baltimore applique block so that I could work on it w/o scissors, and purchased one of those circular thread cutters and are airplane approved and little bitty applique pins. I had been told that some county courthouses don't let you bring in sewing needles. I think that's silly because I'm always poking myself w/pins and needles, and they aren't exactly a weapon to hold people up with. I could take on someone threatening me w/a sewing needle.
The courthouse security guards were really nice. I told the guy I handed my bag over to at the x-ray that I had brought my applique with for jury duty, so there were bitty pins and sewing needles in it. He checked it out and said I was all good.
You do a ton of absolutely nothing during jury duty, and the tv's in the waiting room always have ESPN or some awful talk show on them. I sat there for a couple of hours listening to: the Laker's won, what will Phil Jackson do now, and the bonehead football player that was arrested for accidentally shooting himself with (ready for a shocker) an illegal handgun while he was partying at a nightclub. There was this whole debate about whether or not he should be allowed to play and the teams that were interested in him, including my hometown football team. It was enough to drive me over the edge. They just kept repeating those two stories the whole time! This is a prime example why I can't stand professional sports and most of what's on tv.

Lucky for me though, I had my applique and could tune it out (for the most part). I got my tree, leaves, owl head and eyes all in place and pinned down and part of the tree sewn, but that was all. It ended up being a much shorter jury day than in years past since I didn't make the jury selection. We were let go around lunch time and since I was near the lovely town of St. Charles, I called DiscoJen and she and her little guy joined me for lunch, chocolate, wine and wandering in downtown St. Charles. I had to share this photo I took of DiscoJen's little guy eating his chocolate covered pretzel. He was soooo cute! And agreeable, especially for a 2 year old. We did a small wine tasting at a wine store specializing in local wines, and he just sat there playing w/his toys the whole time.

It turned out to be the best jury duty day I've ever had!

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