Monday, July 27, 2009

Screen printing insanity!

This screenprinting thing is a total blast!
This is some of what I did last week:
There will be table runners, placemats, pillows, and maybe a bag or two out of these. The ones with the raspberry colored blobs in the middle are extra special! I'm such a mess. I think I horrified the other students. My hands were always covered in ink. And the blurry looking one on natural linen was a total accident, I moved the screen while printing, but everyone seems to like it the best. Go figure. I'm also having difficulties deciding whether I'm a right-handed screen printer or a left-handed one.
One of the other students was saying kind words about my design and asked me what program I drew it in. When I told her "Power Point" she totally burst out laughing. She said "I was thinking you were going to say Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop or something, not Power Point!" She had no idea you could draw like that in Power Point. I explained to her that I'm pretty darn good at Power Point and can create quite a bit in it. She was really amused.
There are more down at the school that weren't dry when I left last Weds night. They are a gorgeous lavender. Some are on natural colored linen and some are on brown linen. Holy cow! It just hit me, Lavender Brown! She's the Ron's first "love" interest in Harry Potter. How funny is that?
I'm trying to decide on what class to take next. I'll have to talk to the teacher Weds night and see what she suggests as the next step.


Michaela said...

They are absolutely beautiful...all of them even the doubled one. :)

Sophola-fi-fi said...

That is so cool. Don't worry about the powerpoint comment. Powerpoint has come a long way and is a great way to design patterns.