Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Shop Hopping

Another shop that I totally loved on the Bus Shop Hop was Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee, MN.  This store is in a renovated train Depot. They had an amazing amount of oilcloth and laminate. Everything from Moda to Paula Prass oilcloth! It was fabulous.  You can see some of the Nicey Jane laminates at the cutting counter there in the middle.
Pardon the over-correction of brightness in the photo below. I was trying to show the great details of the building and the back lighting from the windows just would not let me do it.
Some Nicey Jane fabulouslness.I wasn't sure if I liked the green floral fabric in this line until I saw this quilt. Now I'm sure I love it.
My favorite part of Eagle Creek was the batik room in the back portion. It makes me want to live in a place with brick walls just so I can hang batik quilts on it and have them look that fantastic.
It looks like I followed Gale, the lady in pink, everywhere in the store!
And I think this about sums it up for quilters everywhere:
It's a little fuzzy, but what do you expect when taking a photo in the bathroom. Yup, that was painted in the bathroom. Back on the bus several ladies mentioned that they took photos of it too. Is it wrong to take photos in a bathroom?

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