Friday, May 7, 2010

Shop Hopping

I spent last weekend as the "bus mom" on a bus shop hop tour of Wisconsin and Minnesota for Tammy Tadd Designs. I hope all of my bus ladies had as great a time as I did, since I had a blast! I made some new friends, got to spend time with long term friends (see how I avoided the term 'old friends' I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea there. See how p.c. I am), learned some fabulous new quilting things and was uber inspired. The ladies were so much fun on the trip.

While all the stores offered great ideas and projects, there were two that really struck my fancy, and not just becuase of the great fabric. To me, atmosphere makes the store, and these two had it in spades. I love architectural detail. Today I'll feature Fourth and Main in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. I'm told that a website is currently under development, so in the meantime, check out the photos below to see just how wonderful this place is.

I want to live in Fourth and Main, yes, in the store. With or without the fabric. Either would be just fine for me! I couldn't help myself, I took a ton of pictures at this store. The building was originally two that they combined into one during their "extensive" renovation. I really enjoyed talking with Carol, who is one of the owners. She told me that one part of the building was once a bank, I think, or was it a post office. I can't remember now. Either way, Carol and Julie (and Steve the carpenter) did an absolutely amazing and fabulous job on the place.
The front window, not a great photo, but it was sooo cute!
Kind of straight-right-ish when you walk in the door.
Look at that ceiling!!
In the second building area....Some lovely quilts, including a gorgeous Ava Rose quilt. Don't you just love the molding on the shelves?
Looking down the second building room. Love that offset log cabin! And those shelves. Fab.U. Lous! They call them "Alberts". Carol explained to me that they name everything, so these are called "Albert." They have "fat Alberts" and "skinny Alberts"
That's Carol on the right. She's with two sisters that came on the trip. They were sooooo sweet! They put together a game and gave away fabulous prizes all on their own! So sweet and generous!
The window on the right of the log cabin quilt. I can only imagine how gorgeous it will be all decked out in flowers
A shelf full of happiness, Nicey Jane by the lovely and extremely nice Heather Bailey.
Back to the front door. This is the building to the leftish when you enter. I mean really, can it get any more fantastic? I think not
To the left of the cutting/check out is a bathroom and the staircase to the upstairs. 
There's another bathroom at the top of the stairs. It had a shower area too. It looked like Restoration Hardware decorated the bathroom! The color in the photos is deceptive. All of the walls are really more of a Restoration Hardware Silver Sage green, which happens to be my all time favorite paint color. The tile floor was the original hexagon tiles. So wonderful!
Continuing on past the bathroom hallway you enter the kitchen / eating area. Do you see those cabinets?!?! Excuse me while I wipe up the drool on my keyboard.
There's a fabulous chandelier and office area behind the French doors.
And the best part is....
It's a little cluttered up w/the goodies for our group, but I think you can see how amazing the kitchen is! Seriously, I could live here!
Back downstairs for some sewing inspiration....

Check out those darling pleats on the Oliver + S skirt!
The corner in the second building had great clothing and bag samples. It really makes me think that I need to learn how to make some wearables.
This is the 'Classic Shirt' pattern, also by Favorite Things. Carol altered it to make it sleeveless. The fabric is Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley stripe fabric. She told me that she made it for her daughter. I think it's perfect for her and she will look gorgeous in it. She was working that day, so I had the pleasure of meeting her as well.
Carol let me into the courtyard out back to see the fountain, planters and most importantly, her fabulous lavendar bicycle!!!

 I think you can see now why I was so smitten with this store. Don't you want to live there too?

In case I don't get back to the blog before Sunday, I'd like to wish a  
Happy Mothers Day
to all of you mom's out there!


Shelley said...

I don't know about living there, but I'm sure sorry that I missed the trip there! This place is FANTASTIC!!! How could you not spend tons of money in that gorgeous place?!?!?

Pattie Crum said...

Nice pictures Vic, FYI Hancocks Pad. has a bunch of Moda jelly rolls for 19.95. Hurry.

Joanna said...

That might just be the most beautiful quilt store ever!!! So beautiful!!! Thanks for showing us:)