Friday, September 24, 2010

Bag central

It's been a productive couple of weeks, mostly thanks to my quilt guild retreat last weekend in Rockford.
I made yet another Late Bloomer Sweet Simple Tote for Ashley's birthday (which I gave to her that night, so I don't have a photo. I'll have to have her send one to me).
I love that pattern so much that I've been cranking them out. I love how beautifully it show cases larger print fabrics. I made two chocolate themed, a fantastic black/white/hot pink from the Michael Miller Dress Forms fabric and am in process of a purple glittery bag made from MM's Antiquity collection.

The inside pockets:

The inside w/pockets


I also finished 2 king size and one regular pillow case from some of the Moda Chocolat wovens, which are amazing. If you have never had the chance to pet the Moda wovens, I recommend doing so immediately! They are sooooo soft and silky. I just love them. I have a really poofy pillow, and the cases I made fit them so very much better. I can actually get them on and off with out a major wrestling match with my pillows!

I also finished a Terry Atkinson Happy Holidays table centerpiece which seriously only took me a total of two evenings, start to finish! I used a combo of Anna Griffin's Georgette Christmas, MM Fairy frost and a random paisley that we had at Tammy Tadds.  I quilted it with holly leaves and berries in metallic thread. Since I can't draw, I just blow up the fabric motif on the copier then use my handy dandy non-marking technique to quilt it. It's a sample for the shop as well as a Christmas present for Mom!

I've also spent some time working on the look of the blog, what does everyone think?


Shelley said...

LOVE the new blog look... so upscale and modern! I've GOT TO GET some of that dress forms fabric - do you have it at TT?

Duff said...

Your blog looks great!
You've been a quilting fool & I'm so jealous! Hey, I made a rectangular runner for my kitchen island to match the long runner for the foyer. It's awesome! I'm so glad you helped with the fabric selections--you rock! See you in October♥

Sherry said...

Vicki Girl.
The blog's new update is great and the bags are wonderful. I LOVE the Happy Holidays. Won't mother be delighted?????

Anonymous said...

Good thing Ma's been banned from the computer or she wouldn't be surprised at Christmas. It's a beautiful piece. I think the lighter pink suits Nath better, since she's averse to non-neutrals. We're working on that, but it's a process.