Sunday, September 26, 2010


We had a group meeting at work over the summer where our people form around the world came to Chicago for meetings. I work on a floor that's known for it's mass quantities of food available on any given day, so I don't bring things to work too often,  but when I do, I pull out all the stops! I get all Martha Stewart in my set up, and people really appreciate it. People that I didn't even know resided on our floor show up.
To have a proper display for my treats, I used one to the vintage table cloths that I got at the sale at the beginning of the summer. The fruit salad blue Tupperware bowl doesn't really go, but everything was already so heavy I just couldn't do a ceramic bowl for that too.
I was only going to make one coffee cake, but you know, once you pull out all the stuff to make one, you might as well make 3! (This is kind of my theory of quilting and bag making as well. Although part of that is because I can't do math and usually end up accidentally cutting out enough pieces for 2 quilts.) All of the recipes are from Williams Sonoma. I've said it hundreds of times before, and will say it hundreds more, I have NEVER had a WS recipe not turn out or taste anything less than fabulous.
The recipe was for raspberries, but I used fresh blackberries from my vine.
I toasted the macadamias first for a nuttier flavor.

And this was exciting! Did anyone get the latest Restoration Hardware catalog? They have repros of the vintage lights I bought at the garage sale last month! Only mine are white and cost at a minimum $252 less, each!!!
Yeah garage sale find!!!


James - Williams-Sonoma Content Manager said...


I'm so glad to hear about your success with our recipes. Our test kitchen and editorial team work very hard to make sure all our recipes taste great but it's nice to hear we've succeeded from people who make and enjoy them. They looked great and I hope everyone enjoyed them as well.

Thank you,
Williams-Sonoma Content Manager

Anonymous said...

OMG. I have to make that Macadamia Nut coffee cake. It looks insanely good. Like the light fixtures too. Can you believe the WS content manager left you a comment?
-your sis