Sunday, March 21, 2010

On my Honor......

Any woman who was a Girl Scout as a young girl will probably finish that saying without even having to think about it.
I found these at that Vintage show that Emily and I went to:
Girl Scout books from the 1940's! One of them even had a receipt in it,
50 cents! Can you believe it?
The 'Leadership' book has an interesting first page:

It's a reminder that everything was effected by The war. Rather sobering and thought provoking, I thought.
While I haven't really read either of them, a few things caught my eye as I perused them. I love the word, perused, don't you?
"Free time with nothing interesting to do leads to boredom, mischief, or unhappiness."
True, however I don't know of anyone who sat by garbage cans when they were bored.
And suggestions for solving boredom derived mischief:
Why "Constructive leisure-time activities" that "develop resourceful and responsible young citizens" of course! Just look at how happy those formerly unruley girls are working in nature. Working out in nature, away from smelly garbage cans makes me happy too.  Overall it's pretty good advice for everyone. If you have something creative and active to do, you won't be bored.
PittiPat and I were talking one time about our quilting projects, current and future and realized that neither of us has ever once heard a quilter say she/he was bored. Never. Not once.
I thought this was interesting:
The sentiments are good, however the whole calling and answering thing kind of wigs me out. Very, ummmmm, conformist? shall we say, to put it nicely.
And last, but certainly not least, the oath:
I love the Celticky look of it. A lot of thought and creativity went into this design.
Speaking of Girl Scouts, this is the bag I made to give to the girl who sold the most cookies in her troop. I just think this fabric is so stinking cute!
Look at that raccoon, isn't he adorable?


Keli said...

That book is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

Ashley Everett said...

I love the vintage Girl Scout gear!! They are great finds. In fact not too long ago I read an article in Country Living (I'll see if my dad still has the issue) about collecting antique and vintage Girl Scout paraphernalia and I thought how cool it was, but I've never come across any. What a total find on your part!