Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I participated in the Swap til You Drop mini quilt swap Flickr group in February. The theme was "Love is in the Air". My partner was Lollydo . She made me this absolutely adorable snail mini.

She checked out the items that I marked as favorites and based the mini on those, as well as my information that come February I really like red and pink combos to brighten a dreary month.
I think it's just the cutest thing. I totally love everything about it. It has the embroidered snail w/the chenille shell, the red, pink, turquoise combo. And the plaid circles! Have I mentioned how much I love plaid!
The back is really cute also. Look at how wonderful the MoMo 'Wonderland' patchwork looks with the embroidery on it. I hung it on the flipper of my overhead cabinet at work. It makes me smile when I look up from my computer screen.

This is the mini I made for Lollydo. She has 3 dogs that she just adores and told me that she likes orange. I used a photo that she had on her blog of her dogs looking up at the camera after emptying the toy basket.
I used a sharpie marker and outlined the dogs on the back of the paper. I then traced it onto fusible web and used solid black for the dog's silouettes. I quilted in their features w/grey thread.
I used the amzing floral for the top because I thought it looked fabulous with the orange. The bones are the "Love is in the Air" part. I wanted to have the side of a person holding a bone silouette on the side, but couldn't work it out to my satisfaction. 
I used the orange plaid on the back. I think it looks pretty great on the back as well. Don't look too closely at the quilting though.
I thought I was having tension issues, but it ends up that I hadn't pushed the 'feed dogs down' button all the way over, so I was really fighting the feed dogs the whole time I was free motion quilting.
I'm rather pleased with it, and I think Lollydo is as well.


Duff said...

Wow! What a thoughtful sentiment from one dog lover to another!♥
Vicki, it really is an amazing quilt; Lollydo is one very lucky recipient!

carolann said...

It is gorgeous! What a special gift. I never thought of that technique for getting the photos to fabric, I've always been too intimidated to try this. I may attempt it as it seems pretty straight forward. Thanks!

Ann Marie said...

Love the dog mini quilt. All three pups have such personality. It looks great. The back too.

smorie said...

WOW you did an awesome job on this. Such a thoughtful gift!

Kitchen Sinks said...

All are so much pretty.....love this quilts.....and only just with threads...wow...keep it up

gallery 802 said...

Really Good work on quilts...thanks for sharing this...keep it up and update it regularly.