Friday, March 19, 2010

Vintagy goodness and Plaid HEAVEN!!!!

In the next installment of the fun Vintage Clothing and Accessory Expo that Emily and I attended a few weeks ago...
A lovely 1960's embroidered circle dress w/roping thin on the back.

A quilted dress from I can't remember when, but I'm pretty sure it was pre-80's. I think it looks like a bad beadspread personally.
And finally, my all time favorite booth -
PLAID HEAVEN!!!! (that's my name for it, not theirs.)
Love the mini skirt!
I think this would be a great Christmas outfit
And the Pies de Resistance: GREEN PLAID SLIDES!!!!
I totally wanted these, but they weren't my size.  Seriously, aren't they fabulous?!?!?!

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